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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture stands for permanent agriculture. Although, in recent years it has become heavily associated with creation and Gaia worship, in its purest form, permaculture is really about proper relationship with God's creation going all the way back to His first mandate in the Garden of Eden "to tend it and keep it," (Genesis 2:15) and embodies humanity's collective wisdom concerning sustainably stewarding over the planet.

Why Permaculture?

Our "conventional farming" methods aren't cutting it. In order to keep up with these new fangled methods, year after year more top soil is lost, more fresh water is polluted from chemical runoff, more forests are eradicated, more people in third world countries go hungry and we continue to get more and more unhealthy and dependent upon massive elitist corporations for our food. What happens if there's a food shortage? Will your family be able to eat? Permaculture allows the little people of the world (like us) to take back control over our basic necessities, know what we're consuming, live much more healthily, develop our local economies, eliminate fossil fuel usage for long distance transportation of food products all while regenerating our dying ecosystems. Sounds pretty good to me!

How to Permaculture?

In short, observe the patterns of nature and emulate them. Harvest rainwater, don't disturb the ground as much as possible, mulch a lot and work with a diverse range of livestock and native plants that compliment one another to get the job done. There is a lot of great content online and in books but like the passing down of a family trade we highly recommend learning hands on and in person from someone who is well versed and experienced in the field. On our own farm we are pioneering a regenerative food forest to feed the mouths on the property, the local wildlife and community and would love to share our accumulated experience with all who come to visit. Our on-site permaculturists' education ranges from building farms from the ground up in Thailand to Regenerative Agroforestry studies at the Sonoma Permaculture Skills Center. For a more immersive and in-depth session check out our 'Perma-Package' below.

Bring the


Learn how to urban farm and live sustainably at your own home!
$400 per group

send us and email below or ask us in person if you are staying in a glamp site

Includes an half day (morning or afternoon) of in person training, a take home syllabus, worm farm bin, live worms, owl house, mulch sifter and Restoration Ranch merch to start your garden as soon as you get home, as well as a organic lunch or dinner made by the hosts from the garden. Receive the resources and knowledge to abundantly thrive anywhere no matter where you are, whether you are in an apartment or a large scale farm.


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